Lowered CB spindles and New link pin set

A customer ask me to deliver zero-offset dropped spindles for a link-pin bug and fit them with a new link-pin set.The old spindles were removed, the links, sandblasted, reapinted and new brass bushings were pressed in.
After reaming out the bushes with a handreamer, the new painted dropped spindles were pressed in place and things are as new with a 2.5 inch dropped ride height.



Here are some pictures of a 914 2L full injected engien that I redid.
The engine had suffered from a broken valveguide.
As the engine looked before the rebuild.

The broken valve guide

The renewed heads, sandblasted and fitted with new guides and seats

Engine back together with new bearings, redone heads and new pistons and cilinders

The completed refreshed engine with repainted tinware ready to get back in the car...


Brake renewal

Redid the brakes on a 67. Fronts and rears needed to be replaced. All parts were cleaned or replaced.

Frontbrakes before and after

Rearbrakes before and after


Type 2 Modification

LoweringThe grey bus has been lowered by welding adjusters to the frontbeam and fitment of dropped spindles. To stiffen things up, Koni shocks were used instead of the original units. This bus can be dropped to the floor but hasn't been lowered to the max to keep it driveable on the streets.

Custom oil-cooler bracket

To get the type 4 engine a little cooler, the oil-cooler was relocated using a home made bracket with protector.


Old Speed Power

This was the base for building a Old Speed powerplant, a very good used (only 30 hours) pumpengine.
The plan is to pep up the little 30-horse powerplant a little.
Picture shows the parts that will be used to bolt the engine back together.
This is the list of things that are done:
- the heads have lost some volume in the combustionchamber (to achive the desired compressionratio of 8/1)
- original intakevalves will be replaced with 33mm valves
- 3-angle valve job will be performed to increase the flow
- NOS Okrasa cam will be dropped in the case
- NOS FRAM-filter will take care of the oilfiltering
- breathing will be handled by a Riechert kit
- exhaust gasses are going to escape thru a merged header.
Stayed tuned to see a picture of the finished engine...


Front side update 66



I've updated the front end of this 66 and fitted a Puma adjustable beam (which I painted first for a lasting finish) and swapped the frontbrakes with some high-quality items of Custom Speeds Parts (still the best quality wide-5 disk brake kits around).


Rust Prevention 65 Notch

The innerwings of my own VW have had the works too in the form of some rust prevention.

Innerwings have been sanded back to bare metal, then a coat of anti-rust primer and primer was applied.

As this is my daily driver I finished things of with some stone-guard was used before I laid on some paint.

While the frontwings were removed, I had them sandblasted. Some welding was done before they were painted and mounted back...

Rust Prevention 67 Bug

This 67 had been repainted several years ago but the windows weren't removed at that time.

The windowrubbers were worn so needed to be replaced to prevent waterleaks.
Some rust was revealed removing the windows so now was the right time to attack the rust.

Close up of the rust under the windowrubbers.

Shot after rust removal and some new paint...

Another rusttrap that was tackled at the same time was the gutter to hold the underbonnet weatherstrip. This was remover, cleaned up, repainted. A new aftermarket rubber was mounted to the hood.


356 Powerplant

This first picture shows the 356-engine when it was brought to me by a customer.

The engine had been outside for quite a while. Engine was removed from the 356 b after one of the sparkplugtreats was damaged.

The plan was to fix the head and refresh the engine.

So the engine was torn apart, the heads were repaired by a local machineshop.

All the tinware was resprayed and the engine was bolted back together using a new gasketset.

This is how the engine look after assembly.

One of the repaired heads...

1600 engine

This shot shows an engine I've build.
First intentions was to put this powerplant into a T2b single cab but plans changed when the engine in the owner his 67 bug (which I build for my Mexican daily driver some 10 years ago and later on sold it) felt like it has had the best of it.
So we decided to put the new engine into the bug.
Engine is pretty mild and features all new bearings, Engle 110 cam, new cam followers,Gene Berg valve springs on bolt-on rocker arms. Carbs are Dell Orto 40'ies operated by a BAS-lickage. Ingintion comes from a classic 009 distibutor with Compu-Fire and Bosch blue coil.
Original fuel-pomp has been replaced by an electric Bugpack unit.